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To Instagram or Not To Instagram.

Wait–We’re still talking about this?

Wired’s Raw File had a post in July that came to mind this weekend when the subject of Instagram was brought up between me and my husband.

The post focuses on how we need to stop debating about whether or not mobile phone photography is photography or not.  On top of that, how we need to stop worrying about whether or not using a filter from the app is photography or not.

I won’t lie–Sure, I get tired of some people I follow on Facebook and Twitter who seem to repost every single photo they’ve ever taken using Instagram.  It can get overwhelming; however, it doesn’t mean Instagram and mobile phone photos aren’t contributing to the world of photography and digital photography.  And since Instagram is no longer exclusive to Apple users (the app was released for Android in 2012), the possibilities are endless and now open to almost everyone!

There will always be those who say putting a filter on something is cheating.  The Raw File post makes a good point by saying, “We’ve moved beyond the argument about slapping a filter on something and calling it art. Everyone knows that if it’s piss-poor, it’s gonna stay that way with or without a filter.”  I agree.  This is the same situation as those who purchase expensive DSLR cameras and still produce crappy photos.  A crappy photo is a crappy photo– doesn’t matter how awesome your equipment is if you don’t know how to correctly use it.

There are other benefits to having Instragram other than just sharing a photo of your cat to your friends–Marketing and Public Relations.

More professional brands and such are turning to Instagram: Whole Foods Market, NBC News, Starbucks

Here are a few articles about what brands are doing with Instagram: Hubspot Blog’s 10 Best-Branded Companies on Instagram, Business Insider’s These Brands are doing Amazing Things with Instagram, Social Media Delivered’s Top 20 Companies on Instagram.

Instagram’s Help Center even has a section dedicated to helping brands use the app.

So tell me– What do you think about Instagram?  Is it a photography killer? Photography breakthrough? Public relations dream come true? Let me know!


  1. August 26, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Instagram is a great social media site if it is used correctly. I think using Instagram makes some users feel like they are professional photographer but we know that is not true. We use Instagram for work and from time to time photos that I take are used on our Instagram. We use it as a way for our followers to see quick photos of the events going on around campus. Does it make me a professional photographer? No. Does it sometime make me feel like one? Sure! But the photos that I take for my work’s Instagram page are good photos, if I do say so myself. I do agree with you that Instagram can get overwhelming. But I think that if used correctly Instagram can be a great resource in our world.

  2. August 28, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    I don’t really get why so many corporations would be using it. I don’t really have a huge problem with it, but it seems like it’s making anyone who can aim a camera think that they’re a professional photographer. It can improve how a photo looks, but it can’t turn a bad photo into a good one. For the person who created it, as a way to make money, it’s actually a brilliant idea. It appeals to people’s desire to be a professional photographer. It won’t make them one, but it can make them feel more like they are.

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